The Case of X-Culture Challenge @Universidad EAN

Andres Aguilera-Castillo
21 Jun 2019
2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

The Case of X-Culture Challenge @Universidad EAN

Best of Region Presentation from Region 9.

The implementation of the challenge X-Culture in the undergraduate International Business program has fostered the development of soft skills (emerging leadership) and the application of skills developed in other classes to solve a challenge of a company looking forward to internationalization. The participation in this platform led our students to work in Global Virtual Teams with students from different nationalities towards developing an internationalization strategy for a Micro, Small or Medium Enterprise (MSME). Our analytical approach was the development of emerging leadership as a fundamental skill for the success of multicultural teams. The participation in this challenge allowed students to consolidate and apply the competences, skills and knowledge acquired in various classes of our undergraduate program. Students are randomly assigned in teams (4 to 8 participants) who must work together for approximately 9 weeks to solve a challenge proposed by the client organization.

Presented by: Andrés Aguilera-Castillo. Universidad EAN – Bogota