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Announcing the Concurrent Sessions at ACBSP Conference 2019

Calendar and Click IconAfter several weeks of reviewing presentation proposals — over 100 were submitted — we’re finally ready to share some of the topics you can expect in June! This is not the full list; some that were selected are still being confirmed. A preliminary schedule of all sessions, with descriptions, is nearly complete and will be posted within the next two weeks.

Just a reminder: The Early Bird discount ends on April 15 – Save $100 if you complete your registration today!

Conference Theme Track: “The Art of Developing Entrepreneurial Leaders”

  • A Framework for Developing the Emotional Intelligence Skills of Entrepreneurial Leaders
  • A Training Proposal for Entrepreneurial Leaders in Latin America
  • Award-Winning Projects Designed to Develop Entrepreneurial Leaders
  • Cougar Tank: Enhancing Entrepreneurial Learning through Student-Led Programming
  • Design Thinking: A Key To Entrepreneurial Thinking & Innovation
  • Designing an Ecosystem for Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset Across Disciplines, Across Campus, and Across External Communities
  • Developing Creative Entrepreneurial Leaders
  • Developing Entrepreneurial Leaders through Research
  • Developing Entrepreneurial Leaders: Examining Theory of Mind, Time Management Skills, and Planning Skills as Predictors of Transformational Leadership
  • Entrepreneur Educator: The Future of Employment in Higher Education
  • Entrepreneurial Leaders: The Role of Business Education and Industry
  • FC Geo-Cool
  • How to Get Students to Think Like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Jay-Z and Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset for Life
  • ‘Pitch’-ing for a Culture of Entrepreneurship
  • Rebranding Homework: Marketing the Learning Experience to Entrepreneurial Generation Z
  • The Economics of Intention and Behavior: Examining the Influence of Culture in Entrepreneurial Leadership Development among African American Youth
  • The Self-Directed Learning of Successful Minority Entrepreneurs through Transcendental Phenomenology
  • Toying With Ideas: A Collaboration Between Engineering And Entrepreneurship
  • Value of an Incubator for African American Micro-Entrepreneurs in Establishing Social Networks for Business Success
  • You Must First Die…To Go To Heaven!

Teaching Excellence Track

  • A Systematic and Interdisciplinary Approach to the Messy Reality of Ethical Decision Making
  • Avatars, AR, VR Oh My!
  • Being an Entrepreneur in Your Classroom
  • Bridging the Soft-Skills Gap with Collaborative Testing
  • Creating Entrepreneurial Education for Shark Tank Success
  • Developing Soft Skills in Future Entrepreneurial Leaders: A Case Study of Park University’s MHA Program
  • Effective Teaching Across Multi-Generations
  • Essential Startup Tools for Student’s Academic Success
  • Innovative Ways of Teaching Financial Literacy
  • Teaching Creativity and Innovative Thinking at the MBA Level
  • Teaching the “Netflix” Generation — A Case in Pedagogical Innovation
  • The Impact of Entrepreneurial Pedagogy on Student Learning Outcomes: The Case for Marketing, Accounting and Economics
  • The Role of Formative Assessment in Online Higher Education
  • The Role of Vulnerability in Instructional Excellence
  • Using Learning Styles to Transform Business Education

Accreditation Process Track

  • ACBSP Standard 5 and the Nine Essential Functions: A Case Study in the Prioritization of Faculty Deployment for Engagement, Program Quality, and Branding that Influence College Choice for Today’s Students
  • Accreditation Journey: Challenges and Ways Out
  • Competency-based Compliance with ACBSP Standards
  • Creating a Systematic Faculty Credential Review Process
  • How to Create a Quality Self-Study
  • Integrated Assessment and Program Review Process for Regional and Professional Accreditors
  • Strategic Planning: Engaging, Linked, Integrated, Action-Oriented
  • The Game of Assessment: Using Games & Simulations for Outcomes Assessment
  • The Impact of Systematic Processes: Their Role in ACBSP Accreditation and Within the Unified Standards and Criteria
  • The Incidence of the Systematization of Information and Experiences as a Factor of Success in Continuous Improvement for International Accreditation

Best of Regions

The following presentations were selected by their respective regions during their 2018 Fall Conferences as “Best of the Region.” These presentations will be given again and judged at the Conference. One will be selected for the International Best of Regions Excellence Award.

  • Region 1 ● Leadership: Symbols, Metaphors and Magic: A Psychodynamic Leadership Development Model for Organizational Leaders and Entrepreneurs
  • Region 2 ● Grove City College’s Award-winning Entrepreneurship Program: An Inside Look at the Fine Art of Developing Entrepreneurial Leaders
  • Region 3 ● Entrepreneurship and Elevator Pitch Competition
  • Region 4 ● Forming a Campus Business Incubator for Student and Community Entrepreneurs
  • Region 6 ● Wired for Life: Inspiring Generation Z to Be Entrepreneurial Leaders
  • Region 7 ● Entrepreneurship Across the Curriculum: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders
  • Region 8 ● Ingredients for Social Entrepreneurial Leadership: Self-mastery, Networks, Work Values and Competence
  • Region 9 ● The Case of X-Culture Challenge @Universidad EA
  • Region 11 ● Crossing Lines: Art Education and the Development of Entrepreneurial Leaders